Celebrating Black History Month: David Webb - Angela McGlowan - Alfonzo Rachel

 Graphic by Victoria McNorrill

Graphic by Victoria McNorrill

Steven Goransky, Political Writer

David Webb is a great American.. and also a major SiriusXM radio personality.

Webb is known for his raspy voice that has been entertaining, informing and educating the public for over 20 years.  He is a unique blend of local and syndicated talk radio, on-air personality, producer, assistant program director and promotion director. His broadcast career has spanned Boston, Houston, Dallas, New York City and also terrestrial syndication. Webb is a contributor to “Fox News” and “Breitbart News”. Webb is also a featured “The Hill” columnist.

As a news commentator, Webb has appeared frequently on radio and television via: “Fox news”, “Fox Business”  and "CNBC". He has appeared internationally on “CNN International”, ”BBC Radio and TV”, “NDTV/India”, “Dutch National Tv” and “KSA2 Saudi Arabia”. Webb’s conservative view has also been featured in various media outlets in Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Angela McGlown is a great American.. and a Fox News Channel (FNC) contributor. McGlown is known for covering political events, special interest groups and lobbyist news. She is the founder and CEO of Political Strategies and Insights (PSI), a government affairs, political strategy, public relations and advocacy consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.

Much of the east coast may recognize McGlown as the former host of "Good Day Street Talk" New York, and has made frequent appearances as a political analyst on “B.E.T.”, “FOX 5” and “P.B.S.”, but McGlown is also well known as the bestselling author of "BAMBOOZLED: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda", which is a inside look at our corrupt political system today.

Alfonzo Rachel is a great American.. and I saved one of my favorites for last. Most of the others that I have covered this Black History Month have reached some level of notoriety by some form of the main stream medias.  Rachel is a true counter-culture rebel displaying; “Its is not where you are, but where you are at”(Rakim 1987).

 Alfonzo ‘Zo’ Rachel is a Christian conservative no-holds-barred social/political humorist. His work is known for his mischievous grinning delivery, rapid-fire rant, tearing apart all stereotypes in his video commentaries called ZoNation on PJTV.com.  Rachel has done it his way, such as founding and performing drums for Christian metal band, 20 lb SLEDGE, and has also authored a book, “WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION (American Socialist States)”.

I will include a few Zo Nation Quotes:

“Face it. “The Man” is a liberal. “The Establishment” is liberal. The system liberals hate is liberalism.”

"The best way to help your neighbor is not to live off your neighbor."

"The problem is not Republican principals. The problem is unprincipled Republicans."

“Some advice I would give to Republicans; Get back to your roots. Too many have forgotten what actually made the Republican party great. A lot of this isn’t their fault. The liberal Democrat-dominated school system has worked to cast the roots of the Republican party into obscurity, and exalt the Democrat party. Let’s turn the tide. Reclaim the roots the Democrats have worked to cheat us of. Let’s examine this.”

“While a slave, Frederick Douglass reached a point where he could earn a wage. As you read this, replace the words “Master Hugh” with the word “Government” and you’ll see a man who represents some of the finest elements of understanding the Republican party would come to be founded on.”

“I was now getting, as I have said, one dollar and fifty cents per day. I contracted for it; I earned it; it was paid to me; it was rightfully my own; yet, upon each returning Saturday night, I was compelled to deliver every cent of that money to Master Hugh (“Government”). And why? Not because he earned it,‐‐not because he had any hand in earning it,‐‐not because I owed it to him,‐‐nor because he possessed the slightest shadow of a right to it; but solely because he had the power to compel me to give it up. The right of the grimvisaged pirate upon the high seas is exactly the same.” -Frederick Douglass. self proclaimed, “Dyed in the wool, Republican.”

Webb, McGlowan and Rachel are great role models for the youth of today and all set good examples for young intellectuals searching for independence of thought during a time period with so much pressure to conform into a politically correct narrative.  I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed spotlighting these great Americans and one last time, we salute you during this proud Black History Month 2015.