Five inspiring Super Bowl commercials of 2015

Demi Blackmon, Managing Editor 

While the Super Bowl normally has commercials that keep viewers laughing out loud, this year the commercials were a little more inspiring and a little less comical. Here are our picks of the most inspiring Super Bowl commercials of 2015. 

1. Nissan 

Nissan's first Super Bowl commercial in 18 years shows a family, torn apart by life's messy situations, become united in the end. We all know that it is easier to be angry with the ones we love the most. Show a little compassion this month and try to restore some broken relationships in your life. 

2. Windows

We all have those days when life just seems too hard and giving up seems easy. Windows tells viewers to keep fighting through the rough times and find the courage to endure. 

3. Coca-Cola

Life is what we make it -- make it happy. Coca-Cola's commercial reminds us all to show kindness to the ones we meet. With one simple act of kindness or loving word, we can brighten someone's day. 

4. Toyota Camry

Many of us were blessed with wonderful fathers who made wise and loving choices that molded us into the people we are today. As children, we follow in our father's footsteps by continuing to make the same hard decisions. 

5. McDonald's

Even though McDonald's frequently lacks good customer service, the corporation encourages customers to show random acts of kindness to their friends and family. Life's busy schedule causes us to forget how important a simple, kind gesture can change a person's day.