Unwind at the Village Grind

 Barista Brandon prepares the coffee beverages at the front counter of the Village Grind, a new coffee shop in downtown Greenville.

 Barista Brandon prepares the coffee beverages at the front counter of the Village Grind, a new coffee shop in downtown Greenville.

Victoria Pujdak, Staff Writer

Seeking refuge from the cold, I stepped into the Village Grind coffee shop, a cozy world filled with the pleasing aroma of coffee beans that made my senses tingle.

Upon entering the little shop nestled in the corner of the Artist District, I took in the eclectic design aesthetic that ranged from industrial metal chairs and tables to cozy rustic couches and accessories.  While trying to absorb the entire element, one object in particular held my attention, the menu board.

 The menu board was a chalk board etched with hand drawn pictures of the shop’s wide assortment of coffee selections. Not being much of a coffee connoisseur, I was a little uncertain about which beverage to pick. Thankfully, the friendly barista waited patiently while I mulled over my choices. 

After a few moments of careful concentration, I decided to take my taste buds on an adventure and try the Espresso Con Panna.  Honestly, my only validation for this decision was that I thought the name sounded fancy. Also, it came with whipped cream on top. If a coffee has a snazzy name and whipped cream, it has to be good, right?

While I waited for my coffee to be brewed, I scanned the shop for a place to sit. My eyes instantly fell upon a bar counter with a large bay window that overlooked the street. I immediately staked my claim.

After about 5 minutes of aimlessly staring out of the window, I was awakened from my daydreaming when the barista brought my coffee. It was simplistically arranged in a small, white espresso cup and saucer accompanied with a dainty stirring spoon.

The espresso had a rich caramel color with a delicate dollop of whipped cream on top. The taste of the beverage was equally as impressive as its display. The espresso had a smooth taste with a strong but sweet bite. 

Finishing my last drop of espresso, I took one last look out the window. I reluctantly exited the shop, plunging into the frigid weather. The whole time wishing I was back inside absorbing the cozy warmth of the Village Grind.

The Village Grind is located at 1263 Pendleton St, Greenville. The shop operates Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. On the first Friday of every month, the Village Grind closes at 3 p.m. , reopens at  5 p.m. and remains open till 10 p.m.