New Faculty Spotlight: Everything you need to know about director of athletic operations Zach Epting

Megan Conley, Staff Writer

This semester North Greenville welcomes several new faculty members, one of whom is Zach Epting, Director of Athletic Operations and Facilities.

Epting graduated from NGU in 2014, and is currently finishing his Master’s in Business Administration from the graduate school at NGU. He said he'd like to pursue a doctorate degree, within the next three or four years, after gaining experience in his current position.

Having worked in NGU’s athletic department for over two years, Epting is no stranger to the way things operate.

Epting played football at NGU through 2013, as well as playing in high school and running track.

The basic duties of Epting's position are to run all the events, keep up with the operation of the teams, do upkeep and design of all the facilities and to fix common problems.

In his time serving as the director of athletic operations, Epting has certain goals he’d like to see achieved.

“Our goal right now is to get all of our new facilities built to a level that exceeds division two,” said Epting.

While the job has its perks, Epting notes that there are some unexpected problems he encounters.

“Weather is a huge deal with events and we’ve had to reschedule games. It’s difficult to keep everything on a timeline and with the presidential switch, there’s a lot more barriers. We’re also understaffed, especially when we have five games in one day and a small staff,” said Epting.

After receiving further education, Epting has an ideal goal set for the future.

“Eventually I want to be an athletic director at a college. I don’t know that a Division One would be anywhere in the near future, but potentially a small college. Five years from now I hope to be in a similar position but with more importance, and in 10 years I’d like to be an actual athletic director,” said Epting.

While Epting’s position encompasses all the sports at NGU, he can’t help but admit he has a favorite.

“Football is my favorite sport, but I like working and watching basketball because it’s a smaller environment and less things can go wrong,” said Epting.

Even if the work day is difficult, Epting states that his job is thoroughly enjoyable.

“I love getting to be around sports all day. The job is sports all around, but at the end of the day I get to be on the field and around sports so it keeps me entertained,” said Epting.