Getting to know new psychology instructor and counselor: Steven Bielby

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Curt Painter, The Vision Magazine Staff Writer

Inspirations come in many different forms.

Steven Bielby, psychology instructor and personal counselor

Steven Bielby, psychology instructor and personal counselor

Sometimes it’s the dusty passage of a book, or the catchy melody of an old pop song. For Stephen Bielby, recently hired as a psychology instructor and counselor for NGU, his inspiration is his brother.

“My brother Mark is a year younger than me and has mental health issues. He is chief among the heroes of my life because of his resiliency, unwavering faith in God, humility, and remarkable upbeat attitude.” 

His brother certainly made his childhood brighter, but so did growing up in Michigan. “Waking up on a Michigan winter early morning, pulling the cord to the curtains of my bedroom window and seeing the big first snow covering the ground and mesmerizing me as it gently cascaded down from the sky.”

Snow isn’t the only thing that Bielby loves about nature. If he could choose any animal as a pet, from giant giraffes to slothy sloths, he would pick the keen dolphin. “A dolphin because of my fascination with the ocean, and that they are athletic, playful, and friendly. I would have to name him Flipper.”

Continuing in the tradition of talking about God’s creation, Bielby recites one of his favorite verses and gives the reason why. “I have no one favorite Bible verse, but Psalm 33:1-9 comes to mind which speaks of the breath-taking character and works of God and our proper response of joy and worship.”