Old and new activities plus a possible intramural facility?

Josh Heatherly, a sophomore at NGU, plays intramural basketball for the second year. 

Josh Heatherly, a sophomore at NGU, plays intramural basketball for the second year. 

Brendon Dail, Staff Writer

Kyle Roberts, coordinator of the Intramural Sports program  at North Greenville University, has a lot of plans for the Spring Semester of 2015.

With more sports, games and other activities he has planned to be added to the extracurricular program, along with all of the current ones, there certainly will be many more activities that will give the student body more than enough things to do outside of classes and studying.

Already, a new sporting event Roberts has ready to go is the Dodgeball Tournament. This will be held on March 27 at 8 p.m. in Hayes Gymnasium. Registration is already underway and students have until March 25 to sign up.

As for all of our other usual sports and activities, do not worry. Roberts does not plan on cutting any of them from the program. He said, “As long as students continue to get involved with these intramurals, we will continue to add more and more.”

Roberts hopes for the university to build a separate facility for these intramural activities along with separate fields and courts for the intramural sports. He says, “With this facility, we won’t have to worry about sharing other facilities to have our events.”

The sole purpose of this program is to keep students active and involved when they are not doing schoolwork. Roberts wants these intramurals to be something that would hopefully cause close-to-home residential students to want to stay on campus during the weekend. He also wants to divide the activities into two different categories: one for students who just want to have fun and the other for the more competitive students.

So don’t think you have to be an ace at basketball to join a basketball team. Registration for each event in the program is completely free and Roberts intends for it to stay that way. For more information about the Intramural Sports program, upcoming events, and event registration, you can talk to Kyle Roberts directly or send him an email at kyle.roberts@ngu.edu.