David Platt's message impacts NGU students

Carlee Colvard, Assistant Editor

Photo courtesy of Victoria McNorrill, Graphic Designer. 

Photo courtesy of Victoria McNorrill, Graphic Designer. 

David Platt, president of the International Mission Board, challenged students not to ask what is God's will for their life, but to consider how their life can be used to further the kingdom of God.

As part of Worldview Week at North Greenville University, Platt presented his message on Wednesday during chapel. Many students were impacted by Platt's message.

Platt's overarching question throughout his message was, "What happens to people who never hear about Jesus before they die?"

Platt stated, "The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time."

Through mission trip opportunities, students at NGU are able to answer that call -- the call to tell the nations about Jesus Christ. 

Platt said, "I pray that God would continue to bless North Greenville and students here and that it would have ripple effects among unreached people for the glory of His name."

What impacted you most about platt's message?



I could relate. I’m planning on doing medical missions so it was aimed right at me. My plan for life is to not live a comfortable life.
— Brooke Taylor, senior



His complete and total passion for missions impacted me. There was no doubt in my mind that this is what he is completely sold out for.
— Shaggy Pohto, junior
I went and saw him at Taylors First Baptist, and he had a good point that so many of us were running towards death and Jesus came after us and saved us. We should run after those chasing death and show them Christ.
— Randi McAda, sophomore
He was saying what is it going to take for us to hear about unreached people and it be completely intolerable to us. The realization of unreached people isn’t a thing until you put it into perspective.
— Genna Hallinan, sophomore



It helped me realize how many people in the world don’t know Christ and how we need to reach those people and go on mission trips.
— Christian Davis, freshman