The dress controversy: What color is it?

Carlee Colvard, Assistant Editor

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.

A picture of a piece of clothing is making people question their sanity. 

Some claim the picture of this dress is white and gold, while others think it's black and blue. According to Buzzfeed, more people have seen white and gold than people who have seen black and blue. Others claim to have seen the dress in both colors.

So what really causes people to see different colors?

Apparently, the color of the dress has to do with the lighting and how the person looking at the picture perceives it. 

So the question is: Is the dress white and gold or black and blue?

Team Black and Blue:


My sister texted it to me and asked me what color it was. I asked how could anyone see white and gold because it’s definitely blue and black, and we got into a fight. She said she was having an existential crisis, and I was too.
— Adam Polk, junior


When I first asked my parents what color it was, my mom said white and gold, and I didn’t know what was going on. I could not believe it. It was funny because I’d been working on a design project about tricking your eyes with color.
— Mariah Sloan, sophomore

Team white and gold:



My roommate and I were freaking out about it for about ten minutes.
— Faith Jenkins, junior



My opinion is that it’s white and gold, and I’m tired of hearing about the dress.
— Conley Trammell, sophomore

The verdict: It's black and blue. Why? Because Taylor Swift said so.

Photo courtesy of Billboard.

Photo courtesy of Billboard.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.