Netanyahu effected by Obama's roller coaster ride of turmoil


I have wanted to write an article about Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minster of Israel for weeks now. My first version began when the speaker of the house, John Boehner, invited Netanyahu to address congress. Then I thought maybe I should wait until after he speaks. That’s another story all together.

My second version of this article would include the address to congress. I realized that Israel’s elections were right around the corner, so then I thought maybe I should wait until after the elections. Now that’s another other story all together. Things are moving fast.

Now my third version will include the election. Here is a super short and concise version of the latest events with Israel, along with a little backstory included.

1. The Obama administration has systematically insulted Netanyahu publicly ever since taking office. One example was when Obama walked out on Netanyahu during a 2010 meeting.

2. The Obama administration has been known to insult Netanyahu publicly while speaking to other countries.

3. Obama has strongly suggested that Israel return to the 1967 borders. This is something that would have been considered impossible by any other administration.

4. John Kerry has pushed talks with Israel for a 2 state solution with the Palestinians, which is not really a practical solution at all.

5. For decades now America has tried to contain Iran’s pursuits of nuclear weapons.

6. While bypassing Obama, Boehner gave Netanyahu a unique opportunity to speak to congress, which is actually speaking to the world. Media covered his speech worldwide. Obama was not happy about the Netanyahu speech.

7. The Netanyahu speech was historic and vitally important, mainly a warning to Iran, a clarification to Obama and a declaration to America.

8. Obama has openly sent an election team to Israel to try to defeat Netanyahu in the upcoming election. This is completely unprecedented that the USA would tamper with elections of our strongest ally in the Middle East.

9. World media runs stories including polls that claim the election in Israel is neck-to-neck and even opposition voters are bussed in. The media and polls were fabricated propaganda and Netanyahu easily won the election, which is what all sane people expected.

10. Obama, John Kerry and many world voices have been pushing the term Two State Solution for Palestine but now Netanyahu has clearly stated that a Palestinian state is out of the question.

11. Now Obama wants to punish Israel and reward our nemesis Iran. These are world events that have never been seen before. Obama is snubbing our long allies and supporting people who have sworn to kill us.

The end of Obama’s term is sure to be a roller coaster ride of turmoil. Now more than ever there are wars and rumors of wars worldwide. Benjamin Netanyahu is the last statesman standing, defending freedom and confronting a world where terrorism is gaining new ground daily.