NGU impacted by trip to Nashville for NRB

Photographers: Miranda Bradford, Jake Hardin

Assistant Editor and Writer: Miranda Bradford

North Greenville students had the opportunity to attend the National Religious Broadcasting convention at the Gaylord Opryland hotel in Tennessee at the end of February.

Students got to participate in several student challenges such as the 24-hour film challenge or volunteer to work the Exposition Hall registration.

"I enjoy going to NRB because its a place where filmmakers like myself can connect and participate in a short film competition, network with other business and schools at the Expo and create for the glory of God," said Grady Walker, sophomore.

Although these are appealing activities to Mass Communications majors, the thing that attracted them the most was the ability to network with people who are living their dream professionally. 

"As a student, I enjoy going to NRB because I get to network with professionals and also get to compete with others my own age. The people I network with could eventually offer me an internship, a job or even become my future colleague. And the competition is a great way to meet others who have the same interests as you while you learn your craft," said Katie Gaylean, sophomore. 

While some students went to compete in the radio and video competitions, others went to simply network with professionals. NRB provided the ability for these students to talk to others who share their same belief and demonstrate that through their work in the media field. 

"Mason Bayne and I spent a lot of time speaking to other filmmakers and were able to connect with them, hopefully in a way that will bring us all together to create films and spread God's Kingdom through our art," said Zachary Millsaps, junior. 

Going to NRB is not all work and networking. It's a place where you learn more about the world around you and about yourself. 

"I enjoyed being able to come together with people who share the same passions I do. You learn so much at NRB. You learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. You get to meet amazing people in the media industry. My favorite memories are wrapped around the challenges. It's so fun to work with your peers and build friendships with them," said Tiffany Goff, sophomore. 

Students also had the chance to create lifelong memories with fellow classmates, as well as have once in a lifetime experiences and stories to bring back home. 

"My favorite memory from this last year was probably getting to meet Alan Powell from the band Anthem Lights. We stay at the Gaylord hotel and several big names in all industries come to stay there when they are in Nashville. I was just walking back to my room when I saw Alan. I kinda looked at him for a few minutes trying to figure out if that was actually him and I eventually just want up to him to ask. I got a picture with him," said Galyean.

"My favorite memory was when my team was rendering our short film with minutes until the deadline, and running as fast as I could through the Gaylord to hand in our short film on time. Overall it was a great team building and learning experience," said Walker.