The home stretch: NGU upperclassmen advise on finishing the semester successfully

Victoria Pujdak, Staff Writer

The excitement of Spring break is over and the promise of summer is on the horizon causing many students to lose the will to study.

However, the next few weeks are some of the most crucial of the semester filled with projects, papers and da dum da dum…. final exams.

But all hope is not lost. Here are some tips from North Greenville University upperclassmen on how to fight the end of semester drudge.

1. The little things do make a difference.

"All those little things that matter like quizzes that you think don't matter, they do. It makes the difference in the end. Anything they give you towards the end of the semester, do it," said Beth Norris, a senior Theatre major. 

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2. Don't slow down before your time.

"Don't get senioritis before your senior year," said Rachel Peterson, a senior English major.





3. Have an off-campus getaway. 

"Find a third space to go to in order to study better. Something not on campus, like Starbucks, and get rid of all distractions for final exams," said Jackson Bailey, a junior  Interdisciplinary studies major.


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4. Keep giving your best.

"After you put forth all your best effort, remember that your best is good enough for God, so it  needs to be good enough for you too," said Elizabeth Whitley, a senior and Psychology major.





5. Believe you can do this.

"Don't stop beli'vn." said Bryan Gilbert, a senior Accounting major.