Opinion: From Racism To Sexism

Steven Goransky, Political Writer

I reserve the right to change my mind and direction. In my Cruz Control 2016 article I mentioned that supporting the libertarian candidates seems a mistake in my mind, but today I am going to praise all the things that the libertarian brings to the conservative table. Libertarians will bring bold ideas forward, such as ending the IRS, defunding the United Nations and stop funding countries that are also at war with us, and I really wish we had given Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul the opportunity to audit the federal bank. That would have been monumental indeed. Either way, it never happens does it?

The conservatives have divided themselves into four camps.The first group is the establishment republicans, aka RINOS, Republican In Name Only, who are basically liberals who claim they will spend money slightly slower than the full-fledged delusional liberal that thinks the American people are a never-ending golden goose.

The second group is the tea party patriots who really represent the most of Middle America, with a return to common sense, following the constitution and protecting religious freedom.

The third group is the libertarian who honors the constitution but wants a much, much smaller government that bows out of many discussions.

The fourth group is the constitutionalists who stress strict adherence to our founding documents. This a great point, but it is kind of like a broken record that most conservatives already agree on and when it comes time to really get under the hood and do some hard work, the constitutionalists gets very vague and never really makes any direct suggestions as to how to proceed. 

Where am I going with this? The conservatives must go on offense to win; you can not score points while only try to defend yourself, meaning, these four groups have to focus on the positive points and take it back to the liberal media in a direct confrontational way. Stop trying to hide; fight.

This week libertarian star Rand Paul announced that he is in the race and running. What really struck me was how the establishment Republicans attacked him immediately. Very telling, very telling, indeed. Liberal Lindsey Graham, who poses as a conservative, showed his true colors by explaining that he would trust Hillary Clinton over Rand Paul. Really? Really? Why can’t a party reject someone from a party after they have proven over and over that they support the opposing party? Graham should officially be a Democrat. He is he is ridiculous and a total embarrassment on all levels. I do hope that Graham does enter the race, just for his humiliating exit speech when America makes it clear that they know he is a total fake. Who would tell Graham that he could be president of anything? Only his crazy pal John McCain, a real loser telling another loser that he could win, but I digress.

Okay, it does not take a rocket scientist to know how the mainstream liberal media works by this time. During the Obama campaign the media made it clear that any opposition to Obama was strictly racism and could not be based on content, due to racism, racism, racism. Now they have made it very clear, Hillary Clinton is next and any opposition to Clinton is strictly based on sexism, sexism and more sexism.

Rand accepted interviews with a few female commenters and now Paul is the sexist, sexist, and sexist. So far Paul has proven that he does not have ability to flip the narrative. The winner of this race will be the person who can flip the narrative back on the liberal media and leave them scrambling to a defense. So far only Cruz and Walker seem to be able to do this, but maybe Paul will catch on and make a comeback.

A friend of mine pointed out that conservatives always rip each other apart in debates and that liberal’s stay united no matter what. This is true. I think it is case of “honor among thieves.” The liberal game is just to control as much money as possible and conservatives are actually trying to promote ideas.

The main reason the libertarian and the constitutionalists divide themselves from the tea party movement is that they are afraid of the mainstream media They think that they can support the cause but intellectually separate themselves from all of the grief somehow. It won’t work. You are either confronting the mainstream media or you are not really in the fight. The conservatives should know by now; ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are not interested in a fair debate, they only orchestrate ambushes. The conservatives should totally boycott ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN interviews and debates. Stop playing their rigged games. Go to other news sources. Organize your own debates; let the liberal media say anything it wants. Ignore it or confront it. And anyone who agrees to an interview with George Stephanopoulos better be prepared for a brutally biased ambush, either flip the narrative or be totally destroyed.

With the liberal 2016 narrative being the “war on women”, “sexism, sexism, sexism”, this begs a question. What will the liberals do with a female conservative? Their mode of attack should be blown to pieces. I am fine with a black president or a female president, just not a progressive liberal tyrant president. Carly Fiorina could be the answer. Next article, we will take look at Carly Fiorina. Stay tuned.


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