Treasure in Traveler’s Rest: Five geocaching spots you need to visit

Alex Miller, Staff Writer

All over the world there are millions of geocaches hidden for eager treasure hunters to find. While it sounds daunting, geocaching can be as easy as walking a little ways down your road. Here in the Traveler’s Rest area, there are hundreds of geocaches to hit up. Here are five to stop by on your next adventurous search.

1. "A Roadside Oddity"-

 If you love coffee, you’ll love this geocache a-latte. All jokes aside, this cache is a unique little spot off the side of the road. Bring a coffee mug to leave behind and take one if you’d like!


2. "The Firehouse"-

This cache is actually part of a series of 20 firehouses in Greenville County. As you find each one, the logs will contain a hint to the next one at the top. Record all the clues to find the final location. If you enjoy puzzles, you’ll love this stop!

3. "Stonehenge"-

While it's no prehistoric England monument, this rock has its own significance. Think small when looking for this cache, and don't be afraid to stick your hand in any dark holes within the rock. You never know what you'll find!

4. "E.G.G.S."-

This is part of a series of guardrail caches. Located on Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, it’s a quick grab. However, make sure you find a safe place to pull of the road because traffic is fast and parking on the side of the road in this area can be dangerous.

5. "Cache Cave"- 

This cache is quite advanced, so if you're a beginner and prefer the easy finds, you might not enjoy this one. The cache is not a fast grab, as you have to walk into the woods a bit to find it. Be careful on the rocky terrain!

All of these caches can be found using the Geocaching app, available for Apple and Android users, so don't worry if you're directionally challenged. Have fun and happy geocaching!