War On Women? The Answer: Carly Fiorina.. { Not All Women Are Created Equal }..

Steven Goransky, Political Writer

True conservatives love all people; we do not see people by race or gender. The liberal divides all people in groups and then will segregate that group into an even smaller group, and then they blame others for labeling people. I am all for a black president, I am all for a female president, as long as he or she is a common sense conservative. It is liberalism that is the problem. 

The liberals have made it clear how they intend to promote the 2016 presidential race; they are going to claim that they are the pro-female party and that there is an insane war on women being waged by the mean-spirited conservatives. Well, one safe bet would be to just run a woman against a woman. That should end the lefts propaganda right there; it won’t, but it should.

Still, Hillary Clinton is very beatable. Only the totally brain-dead refuse to see Clinton’s glaring flaws, hypocrisies and many huge skeletons in her closet. Good. Run Hillary Clinton; unless the election is rigged she will lose.

Never mind the Clintons, let’s talk about the right's strongest female, Carly Fiorina, who is mainly known as a successful private sector business executive with Lucent, AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. The only disappointment that Fiorina has on her record is that she lost her race for a California senate seat, and her opposition will surely mention it, but California is not really known for electing the best people for the best reasons anyway.

Fiorina is confident and can debate with the best of the best; she is strong with deep convictions. Clinton is a very weak debater and now she has more issues to avoid than ever. How the mainstream media attacked Sarah Palin was downright shameful, and I would love to see Palin come back also, but I do not think the media can bully Fiorina so easily.  Fiorina has not officially announced that she is running yet, but she has said that she was 90 percent ready to announce very soon.

Fiorina has also written some interesting information exposing the California water shortage as another liberal hoax in an attempt to manipulate politics on water consumption, and this information is gaining her a lot of attention.

I would love to see a real debate between Clinton and Fiorina, a real debate on pay per view would be a blockbuster. Many people would pay good money to see it. Without Clinton's weak excuses of sexism, how would she defend herself? Fiorina would mop the floor with her and expose what a truly weak candidate Clinton really is.

Even if Fiorina does not win the republican party nomination as president, I am sure that all of the top runners have realized how valuable Fiorina would be on the ticket in the vice-president slot. I expect Fiorina to be a fresh new bright spot in the 2016 presidential race. I say, if the conservatives fail to include their best female on the ticket, they are foolish indeed.

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