Exam time: how five students deal with their stress

Carlee Colvard, Assistant Editor

Exams. A stressful time where we don't get enough sleep because we procrastinate on projects and studying, eat too many waffles at Waffle House at three in the morning and most likely skip breakfast the next day because we have to run to get a scantron for an exam that starts in 10 minutes.

Sometimes we need a break from all the work, and sometimes our brains take a break without notice. 

Here's five students and how they handle stress in unique ways. 

I eat cookies. My favorite are chocolate chip.
— Dusty Kennon, senior





I binge watch Netflix. I watch ‘How I Met Your Mother.’
— Michael Miller, freshman





I usually read something that has nothing to do with school, like a novel.
— Annie Edwards, sophomore




I go to the Humane Society and hold kittens.
— Abigail Gaunt, sophomore





I chew gum all the time when I’m really stressed.
— Ally Vaughn, junior