NGU's got talent: students show off their talents for spring fling week

Carlee Colvard, Assistant Editor

Christal Potter and Christian Dilbert perform the song "Shoulders" at NGU's talent show.

Christal Potter and Christian Dilbert perform the song "Shoulders" at NGU's talent show.

As North Greenville University’s spring fling came to a close, NGU students gathered in Turner Chapel on Thursday night to hear their friends perform in a talent show.

Hosted by Drew Norris, the talent show consisted of performances ranging from magic tricks to music to improvisational acting. 

The performances were critiqued by three judges including Jody Jennings, Trey Fouche and Micah Sepko.

Lachune Boyd along with Darren Luke on the keyboard, Jacob Bradford on bass, Timothy Hogue on tenure saxophone and Shane Byler on drums won the talent show with their performance of Lovesong by The Cure.

"[The talent show] was an opportunity to do music we normally can't do and to perform with people I normally can't perform with," said Boyd.

Boyd was unsure of the song choice.

Boyd said, "I was nervous because I know the school isn't used to hearing neo soul and I didn't know if they would accept it well."

After finishing the song, the performers were applauded by the crowd proving the song was well accepted and a success.

Boyd said she would encourage other students to participate in a talent show.

"It's an opportunity to get up there and do your thing," Boyd said.

Along with the judges, the students evaluated the participants as well and supported the other students involved in the show.

Josh Lamb, junior, said, "They were strong and competitive. There were some very high points and some very low points."

In light of the performances, Jennings, one of the judges, said, "They all did a great job. We're proud of each of them and NGU truly has talent."