Is your social media preventing you from getting a job?

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Brendon Dail, Staff Writer

Last Friday, Josh Putnam hosted a workshop on social media at North Greenville University. The workshop helped students to understand how social media can affect them in both positive and negative ways out in the real world.

Some students were introduced to the famous for the first time. This social media website allows people to make professional profiles of themselves and their accomplishments for any potential employer or organization to look at. Putnam instructed the students who were new to the website on how to develop a profile and how to navigate for future jobs using the website.

Social media is important in today’s society because it helps popularize things, as well as people. Many people use Facebook and Twitter, particularly through their smart phones.

“You need to be careful what you post on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter because potential employers and bosses will eventually get around to checking those profiles. The impression you make on them is the same impression you will make on your future employers and bosses,” said Putnam.

Vulgarity posted on social websites can lead to people getting fired from jobs, especially if it makes a negative representation of others or the companies they work for.

The best thing for people to do in regards to vulgarity on social websites is to keep it off them. Even though people can just delete what they post, chances are that by the time they do, someone will have probably forwarded it.