Jamie Costa: Someday, we'll say, we knew him when...

Victoria Pujdak, Staff Writer

Graphic by Victoria Pujdak

Graphic by Victoria Pujdak

Captivating social media audiences with his clever impersonations of movie characters and actors, North Greenville University alumnus Jamie Costa has begun to receive immense accolade for his talents.

Donning many character faces, Costa has released an assortment of videos on Vine and YouTube of his impressions including Gandalf, The Joker and popular movie stars such as Matthew McConaughey.

“When I enjoy a character so much, that’s what I want to relay to someone else, what I enjoy in those characters,” said Costa.

“I don’t think I could pick a favorite character. Probably Russell Crow because he’s the man. I would constantly quote ‘Gladiator,’” said Costa.

However, Costa was catapulted onto the national stage when he released a tribute video to the late comedian and actor Robin Williams. Online audiences became enthralled with his precise portrayal of the actor.

“Jamie Costa is an exceptionally talented actor, and he really has the gift to portray any character very well,” said Shur Gopal, an instructor of Mass Communication at NGU.

According to his Facebook page, Jamie Costa is a self-proclaimed actor, model, filmmaker and impressionist. Costa is a native of Charleston, S.C. In 2013, Costa graduated from North Greenville University with a degree in Theatre.

“I’ve always enjoyed films. I decided to give acting a shot after I got in my first play at NGU,” said Costa.

In 2011, Costa received the opportunity to study for a semester at the L.A. Film Studies Center.

“It was my best semester. I’m really glad that I had that opportunity. I got to plug into the industry. Being at North Greenville allowed that opportunity,” said Costa.

Costa also left an impression on NGU, and many students and teachers remember him with fondness.

“Jamie was fun to have around because you never knew what was going to happen, but you knew you were going to laugh at the end,” said Andrew Stevens, an instructor of Mass Communication at NGU.

“He was always playing a character. He was always ready with a laugh always ready to brighten a day,” said J. J. Pearson.

Since graduation, Costa has had the opportunity to pursue his acting, producing and filmmaking through various projects.

Jamie Costa has a true passion for his craft and it evident through his acting endeavors. His love and awareness for his audience has gained him a throng of followers.

“I do what I do because I love making people feel emotions,” said Costa. “Whatever people get a kick out of, I get a kick out of."

Costa has many significant aspirations for his future career.

“I do want to be a producer. Short term, I hope to get on Saturday Night Live. Long term, I hope to get an Oscar someday,” said Costa.