Cruz Control 2016

Photo and Graphics By Steven Goransky

Photo and Graphics By Steven Goransky

Steven Goransky, Political Writer

Maybe you do not enjoy campaign season, maybe the commercials really drive you crazy and maybe the news updates really get on your nerves. Well, it is beginning again. Every election someone says “This is the most important election, ever.” Guess what? This is the most important election, ever.

Conservatives have five or six people who could really do a great job if they were to be nominated. First, notice that I said “conservatives” as opposed to the standard GOP, Republicans. The brand of GOP Republicans is now completely defunct. Real common sense conservatism is what America needs and Republicans have now become the liberal lite party.

The top four real conservatives are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina, in my humble opinion. There are a few other big names, but we will not discuss them all here today. I realize that to many college students a libertarian sounds like a good choicebut it’s not. Libertarians are great for a debate or a think tank. They will have two or three great ideas and then they will follow that with four or five ideas that are completely not grounded in reality.

Last semester I gave a glowing review of Carson, which I still stand by, but today I want to look at Ted Cruz. Number one, the liberals hate him. That’s a good sign. I think the conservatives have finally learned to not play the liberal media's games by allowing themselves to be lured into trick questions with loaded answers. Cruz is doing a good job of bobbing and weaving. That’s what it is going to take: bobbing and weaving, then a right cross.

Cruz is a straight talker who keeps it simple and direct. The liberals hate simple and direct because they know it works. Cruz is the closest thing to President Reagan in the last 30 years and the liberals know that also.  I will list Cruz’s stance on a few on the main topics.

Obamacare is a nightmare. It must be completely repealed and start all over. The conservatives do have an alternate healthcare plan. Connected to Obamacare is the nightmare of the IRS owning your body. Cruz wants to replace the IRS with a flat, fair tax consumption tax.

Religious freedom is not up for debate and neither is support for Israel. Isis must be stopped, meaning our military must be restored to previous levels of strength.  Immigration laws were not just broken,  corrupt liberals stopped enforcing them. Five presidents have ignored the immigration issues and Obama took advantage of that by opening the gates wide open. No country can manage itself with completely open borders, especially during times of terrorism. Cruz will secure the border.

The biggest problem that a true conservative will have in 2016 is winning the nomination. The liberal lite GOP republicans no longer want conservatism. The people must really get behind a true conservative and push hard or we will have another weak liberal lite Republican forced on us. Pray without ceasing that God deliver us from this political malaise that we find our country drowning in today.