Recycle Your Files on Cloud Storage

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Brendon Dail, Staff Writer

Students at North Greenville University as well as other people in the world face the challenge of conserving space on their smart phones. Students tend to carry too many pictures, videos and songs on their devices. By the time they run out of space, they have to get rid of items to make room for more. Sometimes doing this causes them to get rid of something they might need later.

Jeremy Bolden from IT Services at NGU says that the best way to conserve room on a smart phone is to store all your unused files on a Cloud Storage service. Cloud Storage allows you to store files online and access them on various internet devices from anywhere.

A few of the Cloud Storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive and Icloud. They are similar to thumb drives. People may use Cloud Storage for free by signing up for an account on either of those services, but they will have limited space to store files. If they run out of space, they have a choice to pay either a monthly or annual subscription to get more space if they wish to store more files.

If you need more information on the complexity of Cloud Storage, feel free to talk to someone from IT Services. The IT Services Help Desk number is 864-977-7272.