Drafted: NGU athlete joins the pros

Patrick McGregor Brown, Staff Writer

Adam “BoGo” Bognosian is the first person in North Greenville University sports history to be drafted in a professional sports draft. 

Bognosian played his senior year this past season and had some numbers that rivaled any other close in college baseball.

He ended the season with a 1.53 earned run average and helped clinch the Conference America Championship last year for the first time ever in North Greenville history. 

Describing the way Adam pitched, Gray Southerland, a sports broadcaster for North Greenville University, said, "He reminded me of a young John Smoltz. He controlled the way to close out a game, which was very impressive to see from any college pitcher, let alone a Division II pitcher."

After the season was over, he registered for the MLB draft. He had to wait over 22 rounds and over 673 picks before the Washington Nationals drafted him with the 674th pick in the draft.

He was sent after to the minors to train and get better as a pro player.

He is now currently a closer for the Nationals single A minor league team, the Auburn Doubledays.

He has played in most of the games this year and has some impressive numbers. He is 3-0 so far in the year letting up 12 earned runs and only 13 hits.