Students' voices heard: Einstein's changes hours

einstein 1.JPG

Cortney Williams, Staff Writer

Einstein Bros Bagels responded to students' requests to extend shop hours and allow for longer purchase time Monday through Thursday.

Located in the Runion building, Einstein's is a popular bagel shop on campus that students can go to in their free time or in between classes.

Students on campus have the opportunity to use their Crusader Bucks to purchase food and items at Einstein's, but students can only purchase products during the new limited hours.

Last year, the shop was open until eight p.m. but the hours changed and the shop began closing at 2 p.m. this fall. However, students were not in favor of this change and Einstein's has agreed to stay open longer.

“The students asked to have the hours extended and we responded and we agreed. We extended the hours from two in the afternoon to five in the afternoon Monday through Thursday,” said Valerie Addis, a current worker at the bagel shop.  

Einstein's will remain closed on Sundays.

"The new hours are extremely beneficial for students like me that have late classes during the week. I usually come by before my last class to pick up a snack so I won’t be hungry and irritable in class,” said Divonnie Powell, a junior at North Greenville University.

Einstein Bros Bagel also added a couple new items on the menu, such as pumpkin bagels, pumpkin lattes, french toast bagels and maple shmears.