Does Starbucks deserve our "bucks?"

Megan Conley, Assistant Editor

Photo courtesy of Megan Conley

Photo courtesy of Megan Conley

Delicious drips, fantastic fraps and nectarous non-fats are what made Starbucks coffee notorious. However, in recent years, the Washington-based coffee chain has stepped into the spotlight as a prominent supporter of gay marriage.

The company supported a 2013 referendum that supported gay marriage in Washington state. Later that year, the company added coverage of gender reassignment surgery to its health coverage plans, as stated on the Starbucks website.

At the annual shareholders meeting in 2013, Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz made statements that seemed to indicate his intolerance of those who support traditional marriage.

When a shareholder stated that the company’s recent support for gay marriage had resulted in a drop in sales, Schultz told him he could sell his shares in the company if he wasn’t pleased with the stance.

The company recently displayed a pride flag outside headquarters in Seattle after the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage was announced.

While the company's decisions have no effect on the quality of its products, Christians are left wondering whether or not to support the organization.

Adrian Pater, professor of Christian Studies, suggests how believers should respond to the stance.

“I think we can let them know that we disagree with their stance and that because there are many other options to us, we prefer to take our business elsewhere. We should still treat them with grace, but we do not have to support their agenda,” said Pater.

Although Starbucks received a lot of attention for its stance, other companies have taken similar actions in the past.

Other stores like Home Depot and JC Penney have publicly made known their support on the issue. JC Penney even released a series of ads showcasing same-sex couples in 2012.