Learn New Ways to Celebrate Red and Black Fridays

The Admissions Staff supports Red and Black Fridays.

The Admissions Staff supports Red and Black Fridays.

Devan Trout, Staff Writer

A new organization that is determined to make NGU students go wild is the Crusader Crazies. Parker Brown, the president of Crusader Crazies, and Josh Merritt, the vice-president, are determined to have North Greenville University faculty and staff cheering for all of NGU's athletic teams.

“We are going to go to every football game, every basketball game and making an effort to go to at least a couple of games in every sport to be behind our athletes and show them that we are here for them and to cheer them on to victory,”said Merritt.

Part of the Crazies mission is the implemation of Red and Black Fridays.

“Red and Black Friday is something that we wanted to establish as something new to bring the school together on Fridays,” said Merritt.

The first Red and Black Friday began Sept. 18. A prize is given out to students who participate in this activity and have impressive black and red attire. You can also view posts from Red and Black Fridays on Twitter tagged as #RNBforlife or #wearengu.

“I believe the biggest thing you can do is be involved,” said Merritt.

There are many ways you can be involved in Red and Black Fridays. Here are a few ideas that are unconventional and are sure to win you a prize.

  1. Paint your face. Although this is not allowed during class time it is still a fun way to show support for your school.
  2. Make a fashion statement. Try wearing crazy red and black socks or bows.
  3. Get a group together. Coordinate for Red and Black Friday and have a friend wear red while you wear black.
  4. 4.  Decorate your dorm door. Who said that the only way to celebrate was by decorating yourself?
  5. Dye your hair. A fun and easy clean up, spraying your hair red and black is sure to  start a new trend on campus and inspire other students to get involved with Red and Black Fridays.