Marco Rubio could have a shot at the primary nomination

Christian Segers, Staff Writer

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Marco Rubio has remained a sleeper GOP candidate for much of the Trump “freak show,” but as Rubio continues to draw support for his proposed tax plan, his opposition to the Iran deal and his hardline stance on Russia, the once sleeper candidate is now seizing the opportunity to wake the rest of the nation up.

Rubio was born to legal Cuban immigrants who relocated to the U.S. in 1956 in search of a better life for their family. Rubio was born into a household where his father worked until the early morning as a local bartender and his mother held various occupations, including stints as a cashier, sales person and maid. According to Rubio, his parents worked their way into the middle class and, as a result, finally achieved the American dream.

Fast forward to late 2015. The son of Cuban immigrants not only has the most realistic shot at challenging the elusive poll numberings of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, but now has a considerable amount of support from establishment Republicans working in his favor.

According to an article on his campaign website, the difference between Rubio and other candidates is that he does not hold the belief that America owes him anything; rather, he believes he owes America for opportunities granted him. This ideology runs counter to the greed that has swept over much of Washington’s political geosphere.

One of the greatest crises America is facing is that of its current economical plight. With the national debt clock set to eclipse the $19 trillion mark in the near future, it is imperative that the next president of the U.S. has a plan to decrease that debt. It is Rubio’s plan to cut taxes for working Americans and keep the top tax bracket at 35 percent.

On the issue of the Iran deal, Rubio has gone on the record stating that he does not trust a country whose leaders chant “death to America” while signing an accord with American delegates. Iran is set to receive over $100 billion in frozen assets if the deal passes. Rubio believes the deal will fuel Iran in creating a nuclear arsenal; therefore, on his first day of office, he would see to it that the Iran deal is done away with.

Ansley Welchel, public relations practitioner and North Greenville University professor, said, “I think he’s very strong and has great experience. I think the voters are seeing that when he’s speaking and sharing his opinions. He appears to be very genuine and very competent and I believe he would make a good president.”

Internationally, Iran is not the only concern to the U.S. Russia, helmed by Vladimir Putin, has overstepped its bounds, according to Rubio in a publication for the National Review.

“Putin wants nothing less than the recognition of Russia as a geopolitical force. He has already achieved this in Europe and he is now pursuing the same goal in the Middle East,” he stated.

Rubio would increase sanctions to inhibit Russia’s economy from reaping the reward of dealing with free nations. Additionally, Rubio would call for an increased NATO presence in bordering states of the Ukraine.

“Putin must learn that he cannot get away with doing to the Baltic’s what he has already done to the Ukraine,” said Rubio.