Refiltering your mailbox: NGU's installation of Encore Email Security

Jonah Crenshaw, Staff Writer

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If you have ever received  unwanted emails, you may appreciate the steps NGU has taken to limit such mail via Encore Email Security System.

Encore Email Security has been put in place to decrease the amount of questionable mail that may pass through students' mailboxes.

Tim Patterson, Network Service Manager in the NGU IT Department said, “[Encore Email Security] is a cloud based email filtering platform that works in several stages to reduce SPAM and malicious email from ever being a problem for our students, faculty, and staff.”

“Some of the last metrics we had showed that approximately 97 percent of all email attempted to be sent to NGU accounts was spam or contained maliciously crafted content," Patterson added. "At that level email would have had its relative value as a communication tool deprecated to that of a once useful tool, but not something for serious consideration.”