Learn to be an officer: North Greenville ROTC

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Photoby Lynn McCauley

Photoby Lynn McCauley

Devan Trout, Staff Writer

Army Reserved Officer Training Corp (ROTC) is just one of the many programs that North Greenville University offers.

ROTC is an elective for undergraduate or graduate students that provides leadership training for success in any career field.

“It’s a great opportunity to get through college and get a college education,” said Austin Butler.

Butler is the recruitment officer from the cadet leadership. He provides information about the program and helps the students who are in the program.

North Greenville University is a partnership school with Furman Army ROTC. NGU students who participate in the ROTC program conduct physical training, class and lab at Furman University.

“It’s been so much more, than I ever could have had then just going through the regular Army,” said Butler.

photo taken by Lynn McCauley

photo taken by Lynn McCauley

The purpose of the program is to maximize as a person -- physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be grouped with people who have the same passion as you and together will develop leadership skills.

The Paladin Battalion commissions its mission of qualified Second Lieutenants who uphold the Paladin tradition of producing Army officers with the physical, mental and moral strength to succeed in conflict and in life.

The Paladin Battalion commissions leaders with the character, intestinal fortitude and educational foundation to lead the U.S. Army in an era of persistent conflict.

“Through ROTC you have a chance to deal with people, instead of just dealing with military all the time,” says Butler.

Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides you with more tools to become an Army officer without interfering with your other classes.

Butler said, “My favorite part about the program is dealing with the other people in ROTC because at the end of it you get to know one another and see each other’s development.”