Meet the new staff: Heidi Campbell

 Photo by Ashley Silvey 

Photo by Ashley Silvey 

Ashley Silvey, Staff Writer

Change comes in all shapes and forms. One exciting change to North Greenville is the addition of several new staff members. This year, NGU welcomes Heidi Campbell to the Crusader Community as the new Chair of the Mass Communication Department.

In addition to teaching four classes: Broadcasting and Public Relations, Media Management, Media Law and Regulations and Christianity and Media, Campbell is also responsible for supervising students' internships.  

Even amidst adjusting to a new school and taking on new tasks, Campbell said with a smile, “God chose this place for me.”  

Linwood Hagin, the recently titled Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, still remains the Dean of the College of Communication although his former position of Department Chair has been transferred to Campbell.

“She will bring a fresher look on the area, teaching in particular, and innovative ideas to enhance the Communication Department,” said Hagin.  

Campbell brings to the College of Communication a wealth of experience in research and academic qualifications composed of two Masters and one PhD. 

Campbell is passionate about seeing the Mass Communication Department equip both current and future students to use media as an avenue for communicating the message of Christ.

Campbell holds to the motto: “Excellence in all things and all things for God’s glory.” 

“We should be the leaders,” she said. “Media has so much power to influence.”

Campbell envisions major growth within the Mass Communication Department.

"What we have is a really good marketing plan to move forward on,” she said.