A new year, A new privilege: visiting hours for NGU resident students

Jonah Crenshaw, Staff Writer

Photo from http://www.ngu.edu/housing.php

Photo from http://www.ngu.edu/housing.php

Starting this semester at NGU, resident students will have the privilege of visiting with their friends in several on-campus housing locations on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m. to midnight.

These allotted times allow males to enter female residential halls and vice versa, something that has never been done before at NGU. Moreover, visiting hours are not just for NGU students, but unaffiliated guests are allowed to join in under the right circumstances. 

Dillon Key, coordinator for men’s housing, said, “It is not necessarily only open to current students. Off Campus guests would be allowed as well.  They would just need to be with a student, and they would have to follow all NGU Policies.”

In line with NGU policies, this new privilege comes with restrictions on where students can go in the residential hall and how long can they stay. 

Visiting hours are held in designated common areas of several on-campus dorms, including the downstairs laundry rooms of Emery, Horton-Tingle, and Roberson. The upstairs lobbies of Marshall, Georgia, Martin, Vandiver, Anthony, Hartness, Cline and JR Howard will also be included.

Designated common areas are manned by resident assistants (RAs) and coordinators during visiting hours.  

“RAs will be present to monitor these designated common areas. Students will need to sign in with the RA at the front desk," said Key. "This is mainly so that we can get a count of how many people have participated.”

“The Student Life Department, previously Student Services, has been working on getting something like this in place for a long time," said Key.

"Students have been asking for more places to hang out together and Student Life has been working hard to find a solution.  We believe that this will offer many more places for students to spend time together and hopefully to keep more students on campus over the weekends," he added.