A Strange TV Review: Stranger Things

Georgia Gay, Assistant Editor

Photo courtesy of www.impawards.com

Photo courtesy of www.impawards.com

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As I opened my laptop to reveal the already pulled up Netflix, different movies and shows were suggested. A plethora of options were before my eyes, but the one that seemed the most intriguing was Stranger Things. It has become the show to watch, and for good reason.

With Winona Ryder as a main character (Joyce Byers), what could go wrong? Well, in this show set in the 80s, Joyce Byers's son goes missing and the entire town of Hawkins, Ind. is left to wonder what happened. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they discover government secrets, supernatural forces and even a peculiar little girl.

The TV show encompasses the 80s well and relies heavily on the setting to help portray the story. Everything is set to be all dark and dreary, which factors well into the show. The town is aware of a disturbance, but is unable to label it. Different people in the town, like a group of three best friends and a strange girl who goes by the name of Eleven, are determined to find him but encounter the unimaginable along the way.

This show is great for those who enjoy a good, thought-provoking storyline with great character development. It gives off an extraterrestrial vibe, which is convenient if you enjoy aliens and events relating to that. The show is fast paced and incorporates plot twists throughout the show. You are guaranteed to never be bored while watching Stranger Things.