Humans of NGU: Noah Toney

Greg Weaver, Staff Writer

Picture by Greg Weaver

Picture by Greg Weaver

Noah Toney: a rock-en-rollin', Bible teachin', fly-fishin' sophomore Christian Studies major at North Greenville University. Toney recalls his summer experiences in West Virginia and Colorado and how it didn't turn out quite how he imagined it. 

At the beginning of the summer Toney had the opportunity to serve in Blue Field W.V at the Wade Center.  The Wade Centerorganizes and leads outreach for the surrounding areas. Churches or other organizations arrive to W.V. then the Wade Center takes over finding opportunities for those groups to effectively serve the community.

Toney "built things with his hands" at the Wade Center. He recalled that it was not quite what he thought he was going to be doing in W.V. 

"I grew a new love for children that I really never had before," said Toney. The Wade Center's main goal is to reach the youth of Blue Field, W.V. Toney spent most of his time with children; "I loved those kids," said Toney. 

After his experiences in W.V, Toney had the chance to vacation in Colorado. He spent most of his time fly fishing for Cut-Throat-Trout. Cut-Throat-Trout is a rare type of trout that is only found about 10,000 feet above sea level.