Humans of NGU- Sarah Catherine Pepper

Rebecca Meek

“I flew before I could walk,” sophomore Sarah Catherine Pepper said as she talked about how she grew up in Guinea.

Pepper, an interdisciplinary major with acting and American Sign Language, comes from a different background around campus. Even though she was born in Texas, Pepper spent all of her life outside of the United States. Her parents moved to Guinea before she was born and came back to the states to have Pepper. Six months later, the family, along with her older sister, moved back to Guinea to fulfill their roles as missionaries.

 Even though Pepper is from a different country there are small similarities and differences she noticed between Guinea and the United States.

Pepper said, “There isn’t really a big difference between Guinea and the United States.” She said grocery stores are weird because there is so much to choose from. “Sometimes all I want is toilet paper and I have so many choices,” Pepper stated. She said she misses the market back at home.

She also noticed that there is more wastefulness in the states than in Guinea. She noticed that in restaurants there are people who just throw away so much food. “Running water drives me crazy sometimes because why waste water if you don’t have to?” Pepper said.

Pepper stated that her activities back at home are not any different than what she does here in the United States. “Back at home I cook and babysit but I’m not doing that here because I’m in college not because I’m in a different country,” Pepper states.

Pepper comes from a different country, but that does not make her different than anyone around campus.