5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you and your best friend

Courtesy of freeimages.com

Courtesy of freeimages.com

Carson Myers, Staff Writer

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it's hard to find a theme that hasn't been used before. Looking for a creative idea? Don't go it alone! Get your best friend on board and dress up as a dynamic duo. 

1. "You're blowing up!"

Pick up a blow up suit and a Willy Wonka costume to re-create Violet Beauregard's misfortune in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

2. "Dancing iPhone emoji girls"

Get two black leotards and two hair bows and show off your creative movement. 

3. "They call me ranch, cause I be dressing"

A carrot costume is pretty boring by itself, but use some cardboard and your art skills to turn your friend into a bottle of Hidden Valley. 

4. "Deflate Gate"

A lot of people love football and they love to hate the Patriots. Why not do both? Pick up a Tom Brady jersey and have your friend dress up as a referee. Carry around a deflated football for good measure. 

And for any couple wanting to set the mood for an intimate, personal Halloween escapade......

5. "Bacon and Eggs"

Pick up this costume combo and prove that some things are better together. Bacon and eggs--the ultimate power couple.