Humans of NGU: Daniel Golden

Alex Forster, Associate Writer 

 NGU senior accounting major, Daniel Golden.

NGU senior accounting major, Daniel Golden.

For some students, when they leave North Greenville University, they are leaving for good. For others, a part of them will always remain with NGU.

At the end of this semester, NGU will lose a great student, but not in spirit. Daniel Golden, a senior at NGU, is working on  completing his last semester.

When Golden first came to NGU, he was declared a sport management major. After his sophomore year, he decided to switch majors. Currently an accounting major, Golden has a promising career to look forward to after graduation.

“I’ve always been good with numbers, so it made sense to me to go into accounting,” he said.

There is more to Golden than just being good with numbers though.

Golden can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, was once one of the top 10 Call Of Duty players in the world and can take apart and reassemble a handgun while blindfolded.

Golden was born and raised just an hour away from NGU in Gaffney, S.C. Golden has lived there his entire life and intends on moving back home when he graduates.

“I just feel such a strong connection with Gaffney. All of my childhood memories are there, all of my family lives there, all my closest friends and all of my memories are there,” Golden said.

If you were looking for Golden around campus, the best place to look would be the gym.

Golden works out every day, and has dreams of becoming a swimsuit model.

“I mean, if accounting doesn’t really work out, I want to be ready to try a career in modeling," Golden said.  "I have the face for it already, can’t you tell?"