Share your creativity, get published in The Mountain Laurel

Gabrielle Fanelli, Staff Writer

Are you an aspiring writer or artist? Ever wonder how to jumpstart your career and get noticed by the public? The Mountain Laurel can help. You have the opportunity to get feedback in your creative process, get your work published and receive publicity for it.

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Submitting to The Mountain Laurel is simple. 

“We accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama and visual art. We accept submissions during the fall semester through either hard copies or emailed submissions,” said Elizabeth Latzka, a staff member on The Mountain Laurel. 

Any NGU student can submit, even alumni.  When choosing which pieces go in the Mountain Laurel book, each work is “screened” by three qualified staff members to decide one of three things: it is a definite for publication, it has publication potential or it should be discarded.

So where can you submit your work? Look for the submission boxes around campus in the stud, the Caf and the library. Students can also email their submissions to

Applicants should be sure to include a cover letter with their submission, which can be found on The Mountain Laurel's website. 

"We do submit the book to outside judges. And we have a first, second, third and honorable mention prize for each category," said Latzka. 

Just because you are a college student does not mean you cannot have your story published or have your art displayed in a public gallery. Start pursuing your dreams today.

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