Get your career started with the help of a fellow student

 Stuart Floyd, Director of Career Planning

Stuart Floyd, Director of Career Planning

Carson Myers, Staff Writer

North Greenville University has a new Director of Career Planning. Stuart Floyd is a senior majoring in American studies. He has become a fixture at NGU in his years as a student. Now, he is helping his peers by matching them with employers who are looking for both college graduates and college students. He became involved with the department two years ago when he took a work study position under Joshua Putnam, the former director of the department.

“[Josh Putnam] taught me so much," said Floyd. "He taught me how to network with people, look for job openings and read resumes.”

It is somewhat remarkable that Floyd is an undergraduate student with a full course load and is able to fill the role of Director of Career Planning. This began when he received a telephone call in the summer of 2015 from Billy Watson, Director of Student Services. Floyd was notified that Joshua Putnam would no longer be working for the university. He was offered a chance to fill the void that Putnam left behind.

“It was called a ‘lead work study’ position,” said Floyd.

A large portion of Floyd’s duties include keeping track of job openings in the Greenville area. He usually doesn’t have to look far. He receives many calls every week from outside companies who are courting NGU graduates to be a part their work force.

“Companies want North Greenville students,” said Floyd. “I actually had a call from a CPA firm in downtown Greenville. He was so impressed with his intern who was a North Greenville student that he called and offered more internships to us.” 


 Stomping Grounds Coffee House in Greer, S.C. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Gallard)

Stomping Grounds Coffee House in Greer, S.C. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Gallard)

Although the Career Planning Department can help graduates find employment, students who have not yet earned their degrees can also speak with Floyd about part-time jobs that are available. Places like Stomping Grounds Coffee in Greer, S.C. are among other local businesses who like to hire NGU students.

Floyd also seeks to give advice to students who are unsure about their career trajectory.

“At the beginning of each semester, [Career Planning] sees a lot of freshmen who don’t know what they want to do,” said Floyd. “We offer them aptitude tests to determine what major might be best suited for them. This way they can find their niche.”

Floyd plans to continue working for the university. He will become a full-time faculty member on June 1 after he graduates.

When asked about how he felt about his position, Floyd replied: “I’m helping people I know. I’m helping my friends make the transition from college to career. It’s comforting to work with so many individuals who you already have a relationship with.”

Students who are interested in contacting Floyd can make an appointment to visit him in his office located in the basement of the Craft-Hemphill building. He can also be contacted at Start thinking about your career and use the amazing job placement programs NGU has to offer.