The Five Best Fitness Apps

Gabrielle Fanelli, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, technology is a huge part of every student’s life. There are apps that create study guides for your biology exam, turn a simple picture into a professional shot and even  help you find a date for Friday night. What if there was an app to help you drop those few extra pounds before summer? After taking a quick poll in the caf, it was discovered that 7 out of 10 girls “believe” there is an app that helps with weight loss but only 2 out of 10 girls have ever used a fitness app.

Whether you’re just trying to change your eating habits or get fit for spring break, there’s over 50 different apps to choose from. Here are the top five free apps according to CNN Health and my personal experiences:

1. FitStar Yoga

This app gives you access to hundreds of yoga and pilates videos right on your smart phone. Each video can be rated from easy to hard so that the user can move at a comfortable pace and receive yoga instruction perfect for their level.

2. Sworkit

No gym? No excuses. This app gives the user workout routines that they can do in their dorm room. This is the perfect fitness plan for a busy life style. 

3. GymPact

This one is a little drastic but who wants to lose money? The users will set a goal for how many times a week they want to workout and if they fail, their credit cards get charged. If you are successful in completing your goal, you will actual make some money. Get fit and get some extra cash. This is a quick way to get committed.

4. Yummly

If you are a fan of cooking and trying new outrageous recipes, Yummly is for you. By entering personal fitness goals, Yummly provides hundreds of healthy meal options and recipes to get you to your ideal body.

5. My Fitness Pal

This is basically a personal nutritionist and trainer all in one and completely free. By using the daily food journal, the users will be motivated to reach their ideal weight. One can also find tips from other users and learn about one's own weight loss journey. This app also gives exercise plans and fat burning tips to target the problem areas.