Developing Professionalism in a Fast Growing Media Industry

The Old McCormick house renovations transformed this building into the new Marketing and Communication Department.

The Old McCormick house renovations transformed this building into the new Marketing and Communication Department.

Miranda Bradford, Associate Writer

With thousands of colleges to choose from, prospective and transfer students enter into the college search swarmed with an abundance of options and only one that will make a lasting impact. So how does a university become that one?

Last year, North Greenville University decided to invest in a Marketing and Communications department, MAC, to handle NGU’s webpage, social media and other marketing outlets to create a new look that will not only attract new students, but develop a higher level of professionalism through marketing and communication in both web and print.

“While we can handle the aspect of how we sound as a university, we need to make sure it looks good as well,” said Sheila Price, graphic design coordinator. “We need to not only sound professional internally and externally, but look professional.” 

The MAC team’s job ranges from improving the social media presence of the university, revamping the official website to make information more accessible, creating a style and brand guide and defining the University consistently to external viewers.

“I would love to see the things I capture actually visually stimulate them,” said Shawn Stom, photographer and videographer for the MAC department. “I want them to see that’s who they are and what they are a part of. I want it to start a buzz and excite people.”

As content coordinator for the MAC department, Celeste Hawkins’ desire is to not only edit projects and write stories for the University, but also to be able to tell the stories of the people who make up the NGU body. 

One of the things the MAC department wants the NGU community to know is that their job is more than just marketing and communication to communities outside of NGU. The MAC department is here to serve the other NGU departments and students in hopes of improving campus life.

“Ultimately, we are here to serve the NGU family and to help make this campus a better place that is on mission with kingdom work and making a positive impact for life,” said Hawkins.

The MAC department encourages the NGU community to stay tuned in to social media throughout these next few weeks for more information on fun events and chances to win prize giveaways.