Baptist Foundation offers NGU $12,000 grant for international project

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Caleb Ecarma, News Editor

North Greenville University has been awarded a $12,000 grant from the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina as part of its ongoing partnership with a school in the North Africa / Middle East region. NGU has been working with this school for the past 5 years.

“This is not a new project for us, and this will be our third time to send a student and faculty team,” said Allen McWhite, director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement and Global Leadership. 

“What this grant does is help us help the school more than we have been able to," added McWhite. 

The project is intended to bolster the school’s academic reputation and, at present, largely consists of NGU-sent teams teaching English classes, leading after school clubs and running sports camps. 

NGU also hopes to help train teachers at the school as well as encourage faculty and staff who have taught at the school for extended periods of time. 

“We’re going to host an appreciation luncheon for the teachers to try and give them some recognition, so we’re trying to encourage the teachers at the school," said McWhite.

The grant will also be used for facilities development and to provide some much-needed resources at the school. 

“The school does not have a lot of the resources it needs, so we’re trying to come alongside it and do whatever we can to help boost its image in the community," said McWhite. 

NGU intends to have a long-term partnership with the school and will continue to look for more ways to assist the school. 

“Education is important anywhere, but these students have to take an exit exam of sorts, and how they do on this exam will determine what their career possibilities will be. We’re trying to help the school boost its academic reputation and help their graduates perform better on this exit exam," concluded McWhite on NGU’s involvement with the school.