Devan Trout, Associate Writer 

In a world full of updating technology and new ways of interacting, slang has become a very common and popular way of communicating.

These slang terms can repeat for generations, such as the the word 'nuking,' also known as microwaving, or can only last a few short years, such as the word 'fresh,' which means cool.

Here is a list of some amusing and current slang terms to keep you up to date.


1.      Hashtag: This fun conversation started as a way for people to search for tweets on Twitter for a common topic. This originated from a Twitter user who wrote a post when the broken plane luckily landed in the Hudson River in early 2009. When he posted about the flight he added a hashtag and soon the tweet began to travel fast and furiously. Thus the hashtag was born.

Corporal Wayne Craft poses the dab

Corporal Wayne Craft poses the dab

2.      Dab: A short-lived pose by Panthers fans for the 2016 Superbowl.

3.      Selfie: This is when a picture is taken of yourself and posted on any social networking website such as Facebook or Instagram. Selfies are not always just the person holding the camera but can include friends for a “group selfie.”

4.      M.R.S. Degree: This describes women who are just looking for a spouse. Whether it be in college or at a job.

5. Bae: This word is used by people on the Internet who think it means baby, sweetie, etc. In actuality, it is a Danish word that means poop.

6.  Ratchet: A diva, mostly from urban cities, that has reason to believe that she is the apple of every man’s eye. However, she is wrong.

7. Get Lit: This means to be lit with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Example: “That chapel service had me lit on the Holy Spirit!”

8.  Boyfriend Credit: When a significant other does something nice for his partner he sees it as an opportunity to something fun without the fear of nagging.

9.  Yuge: This term was coined by Donald Trump and is a variation of the word huge.