Humans of NGU: Hank Privette

Devan Trout, Associate Writer

Hank Privette, a junior, leads a busy life. He is a Christian studies major, an ROTC cadet and is planning a wedding with his fiancé, Blair Meyers.

When he first came to North Greenville University, Privette was a Spanish major with a minor in linguistics.

“I wanted to do Bible translation initially. I wanted to minor in linguistics and get into that field and do overseas missions. I still want to do overseas missions, but I felt limited with a Spanish major,” said Privette.

Privette wanted to build a foundation that God could use anywhere. Even if it was not in a Spanish speaking country.

Privette and Meyer met during freshman orientation, where they started to build a friendship during November and December and become closer.

“We became really good friends and during spring semester I asked her out twice and she said no both times,” said Privette with a smile.

While Privette was away for basic training his freshman summer, he and Meyers wrote letters to one another. When they returned for the fall semester they began to date.

“We got engaged exactly one year after we started dating,” said Privette.

Privette’s extracurricular activities involves music and ROTC. Privette was formally apart of the blue grass band at NGU. He has performed many times in Chapel. He plays the guitar, piano and sings.

Privette’s ROTC story is short and simple. When he initially joined ROTC it was for money to pay for school. Now he aspires to be a second lieutenant in the National Guard as Chaplin to continue his service for God and his country.