Top 5 Places to Catch a Play in Greenville

Every now and then, when you feel fancy and want to take in some culture, the obvious thing to do is go see a play. Instead of going to the movies, you can change it up by witnessing the action live and visiting one of Greenville’s theatres. Here are the best ones to visit.

 The Warehouse Theatre

The Warehouse Theatre is a Tier Three Small Professional Theatre located in Historic West End Greenville. The Warehouse is a black box space, which means its stage can be moved around in a number of ways, giving each play a unique feel and perspective for each performance. The Warehouse puts on between five to seven main-stage shows per year, and is known for providing intense, intimate and unexpected works. If you are looking for one of the most professional and well-regarded theatres in Greenville, The Warehouse is a great place to check out.

 South Carolina Children's Theater

SC Children's Theatre holds the motto “Totally professional. Delightfully immature.” Children's theatres are great places to catch a play, especially if you are intimidated by the sophisticated atmosphere that surrounds other, more “serious” theatres. SC Children's Theatre is also a much more affordable option than professional theatres, with tickets ranging from just $18 to $27. If you are looking for a relaxed place to take in a good play, the SC Children's Theatre’s next mainstage production, “The Miracle Worker”, runs from April 22 through May 1.

 The Peace Center 

Location is everything, and The Peace Center has a prime location. Located directly across from Falls Park on the Reedy in the heart of downtown Greenville, there isn’t a more fitting place to go when it comes to seeing theatre in Greenville.  The Peace Center is unique in that it not only shows a multitude of plays, but it also hosts other various events that come through Greenville. From musicians to ballets to acrobats, The Peace Center has a great variety, and is a premier spot to catch a show.

 Greenville Little Theatre 

As its mission states, Greenville Little Theatre is the oldest and largest locally-producing theatre in the upstate. It is a wonderful place to catch a play and to experience a long standing part of Greenville’s art scene. The Theatre has an interesting history that you can learn about by visiting its website. This year it is celebrating its 90th year as a theater with a special show. There will only be three showings, however, so make sure to buy your tickets soon.

Centre Stage

Centre stage is another theatre that combines great location with quality theatre. It is easy to get to and a pleasure to attend. It puts on about six-to-eight main stage productions per year, with various other shows, including other non-play shows. Recently, comedian James Gregory did a show. On April 22, they will be putting on a highly anticipated Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. Dinner and a show makes for a great night out, if you can afford the $125 price per seat.