5 women who are leaving a legacy at North Greenville University

Carrie Henderson, Staff Writer

With March being Women's History Month, it's time to give recognition to some of the women who have helped encourage students and shape North Greenville into the university it is today.

1. Lisa Van Riper 

Photo by Kelly Cooper, NGU graduate 2005

Photo by Kelly Cooper, NGU graduate 2005

Lisa Van Riper started at North Greenville Junior College in 1989 teaching political science. 

In 1995, she began directing the honors program. The program has grown in students, added sessions and sections offered, added a social event, formalized the senior project and now offers guidance for enrichment.

She said she would like to give credit to the wonderful faulty she has worked with and the Honors Committee.

She said her goal has been to impact students by equipping them with the skills, attitudes and discipline to be life-long learners, all while integrating a Christian worldview.


2. Joan Moon 

Photo by Carrie Henderson

Photo by Carrie Henderson

One does not simply enter the admissions office without getting a hug from Joan Moon.

Working with guest relations and advising campus advisors, she said her responsibilities require her to work a lot with perspective students. 

“I love making people feel welcome,” she said.

She said she also wants to be able to comfort parents by being someone their children can come to for encouragement.

She said that working with students is her own ministry.

"If I can encourage someone. . . I'm happy to do that," Moon said. 

3. Ruth McWhite 

Photo from ngu.edu 

Photo from ngu.edu 

Ruth McWhite focuses on reaching the women students on campus. She said she oversees the chaplain ministry, does life with women through weekly mentoring, teaches a class on women's ministry, holds a Bible study in her house and has a Bible study for engaged girls in the Spring. 

In her mentoring, McWhite said she encourages women in their walk with Christ and issues they may be facing in their lives. In her Bible study, they are going through the Bible chronologically.

In her Bible study for engaged girls for four weeks in the Spring, she prepares a meal in front of them. They focus on kindness, and their relationships as a wives and mothers as well as hospitality.

4.Eden Crain

Photo by Carrie Henderson

Photo by Carrie Henderson

Eden Crain, a Christian Studies student, said she finds her purpose in encouraging others. 

She said she believes God has given her the gift of joy. 

"The Lord has poured His spirit into me," she said.

The overflow of the Lord's Spirit in her is what allows her to encourage others, she said. 

She said her mission field is on campus. She said that wishing for a different mission field can cause one to not focus on the here and now.

5. Bethany Rowell 

Photo by Carrie Henderson

Photo by Carrie Henderson

Bethany Rowell, an Elementary Education student, leads a team for Joyful Sound, is involved on the leadership team for BSU and leads a BSU small group. 

With Joyful Sound, she is in charge of making sure the team gets where it needs to be and encouraging the members.

Every Monday night, girls come to her room for small group.

"We just study and see what God has for us every time we meet," said Rowell.

On the leadership team for BSU, she helps make sure everything runs smoothly and prays over what BSU does.