Humans of NGU: All about Magic

 Samuel Maycock playing Magic in the stud. 

Samuel Maycock playing Magic in the stud. 

Maressica Sawyer, Contributing Writer

Samuel Maycock, a junior biology student, is well known at North Greenville University for being “one of the guys in the stud playing that card game.”

He moved to Greenville around five years ago from LaGrange, Ga. and is a commuter student.

“When you live this close to a college, you end up hearing about it a lot, so here I am,” said Maycock.

One of his friends introduced him to “that card game,” actually called Magic. He wasn’t interested in playing it, but then another one of his friends told him about it.

“I played it, and I said, ‘eh, it’s kind of fun,’” said Maycock.

Richard Garfield first published Magic in 1993. It is a trading card game that represents a battle between wizards.

Maycock said he wasn’t really into the game, but since his friends loved it he was around it all the time. He said it is super confusing with many rules, but he tried to build a deck anyway.

“They kept making me play with them, so I just went and bought 2,000 cards,” said Maycock.

The first tournament he played in went horribly, but he kept playing and going to other tournaments. He started to get better, made more decks and was getting free stuff from other players.

Maycock has been playing Magic for about a year and a half now. He and his friends frequent a hobby shop focused on games and gaming in Greenville, called Boardwalk.

Boardwalk hosts tournaments and chances for players to meet other players, but it also sells card decks, board games and other gaming materials.

Magic is just one part of Maycock's life, as well as his friends.  Don't be intimidated in the stud by "the guys" in that "one booth" playing "that card game."  Go hang out with them and see what it's all about.  You might just end up going out and buying 2,000 cards.