Humans of NGU Pedro Manigault Football Player

Charles H Beeks II, Contributing Writer

NGU Wide Receiver Pedro Manigault began his career as thestarting quarterback at Goose Creek High School in Charleston SC.  Manigault was successful with his high school football career and received many offers, but decided there was only one home for him and that was North Greenville University.

Manigault is now playing another position here at North Greenville University --  wide receiver. “I wanted to keep my same position as high school but with my speed and height the coach said it was better for me to play in a slot, he said.

“I really feel like it is a blessing because I get a scholarship to do something that I love," he said. Manigault added that he had a role model in his family. “I wanted to be like my older cousin Aj Green who is in the NFL," he said. But, if he doesn't make it in the major leagues, he has a back-up plan. "I want to major in sport management just in case Idon’t make it to the league," he said, adding that he could still be around the football atmosphere that he loves.

Manigault's favoriteNFL football team is the Philadelphia Eagles and the college team that influenced him the most is The Florida Gators