Etiquette can help improve your job search

Carrie Henderson, Staff Writer

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If you're looking for a job, etiquette could be the difference between getting hired or not.

"Etiquette is basically about good impressions," said Stuart Floyd, senior American studies major and director of career planning at NGU. 

Lisa Van Riper, director of the Honors program at NGU,  said potential employers will look at three things during an interview: how you dress, how you speak and how you act at the table during a meal.

"You only have one chance to make a first impression," said Van Riper. 

Floyd said that people will think more highly of you if you look neat, such as tucking in your shirt and shining your shoes.

Being neat will build confidence and translate into better job opportunities, Floyd said. Also, taking the extra effort using proper etiquette will also help you stand out.

"If you're going for a position and there's three people, and you do something a little bit better; you look a little bit nicer than somebody else, then that will set you apart. . . in a good way," Floyd said.

Van Riper said that it is important to be able to compete at every level. However, etiquette is not only about being competitive in the job market, but also about just being courteous.  

"The company is looking for a person who will fit in with their image to represent their company to the world, and therefore you want to present the best image you can," said Van Riper.

While honors students and education majors already had an etiquette dinner on Tuesday, March 22, another etiquette dinner will be held Tuesday, March 29 at Hayes Ministry Center. North Greenville students will have a chance to not only practice etiquette, but also earn cultural event credit.