Preview: NGU’s Red Carpet Film Festival

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Carson Myers, Staff Writer

Tigerville may not be Hollywood, but NGU students have the opportunity to walk the red carpet with up-and-coming film producers. The Red Carpet Film Festival is being sponsored by the Department of Communication and will take place in Turner Chapel this Thursday, April 7.

At last year’s Red Carpet Film Festival, a film produced by NGU professor Shurajit Gopal debuted and has been featured as promotional material for the university. This year’s event will feature media produced by students around the country from high schoolers to graduate school students. The media shown will include everything from short films to commercials.

This year’s Red Carpet Film Festival will be hosted by world-renowned producer Phil Cooke. Cooke has produced media for worldwide audiences. He started Cooke Pictures in 1991. Cooke is also a philanthropist who has used his medium to promote organizations which work towards social justice.

Students should arrive at 3:30 p.m. to be seated in the auditorium. Come dressed to impress and receive cultural event credit. Like the event’s Facebook page to keep up with the latest details.