NGU almunus shares how he beat cancer

Gabrielle Fanelli, Associate Writer

Graphic courtesy of Emily Artus

Graphic courtesy of Emily Artus

Patrick Brown, a recent North Greenville University graduate, was diagnosed with Neroblastoma when he was six months old. Neroblastoma is a type of cancer often found in the small glands on top of the kidneys and usually found in kids under the age of five.

Brown's mother knew something was wrong with him when he began vomiting instead of spitting up. "I went to 12 different doctors during this time," said Brown.  "One said it wasn't anything serious, but the last one told us exactly what it was."

After 16 chemotherapy treatments and a blood transfusion, Brown was pronounced cancer free at age two.

camp happy days

Brown is a supporter of Camp Happy Days. He attended this camp during his battle with cancer. This is a place where kids can feel empowered despite the sickness they are going through.

When asked if he has any encouragement to share, Brown says, ”if you are able to fight, then fight for all you can, if you can't fight on your own, ask someone to help you fight."

Adding, "I always love going to my cancer checkups every year, because I can always spot two or three people that I remember, either from camp or a familiar nurse. I also love seeing little kids play around the hospital, as I know that they are going through the same thing I went through as a kid, and yet they act like nothing is wrong with them. They are fighting and they are not stopping for anything in the world."

"So, please if you are going through this, keep fighting because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel," concluded Brown. 

Although Friday, September 9, was Stand Up To Cancer day, awareness still can be raised year round. Supporting Camp Happy Days can be a great way to help individuals struggling with cancer.