ITT Tech students find solace at North Greenville

Georgia Gay, Assistant Editor

Photo courtesy of Georgia Gay. 

Photo courtesy of Georgia Gay. 

On September 6, ITT Technical Institute officially closed its doors. According to, this terminated 130 campuses, online classes and left more than 35,000 students to scramble around for a new school.

The chaos commenced and everyone was in a panic. Where were students to go who wanted to continue their education? Well, North Greenville saw this as another opportunity to show that Christ can make the difference and opened its doors.

North Greenville does a good job of taking in students who have no other options, which is why they should allow ITT Tech students to enroll.
— Anna Claire Holland, sophomore

North Greenville offers the opportunity for a variety of students to take classes within the institute. Some students are in high school, looking to tuck some college credits under their belts. Others are looking for a college that allows them to have their school online so that they can manage other aspects of their lives.  Whatever the case may be, the main mission is to have a student body where Christ is the center. 

"Online classes are good for people who have to work full time. They help people get a degree while establishing a career," said sophomore, Anna Claire Holland.  North Greenville is all about helping those achieve their goals and takes into consideration every student's circumstances.

Many key classes offered at ITT Tech are offered at NGU, especially in its online program, as well, so students who were involved in those classes will not fall behind.

"I feel as though North Greenville's online program is a great resource for those who are trying to continue their education," said online student Kayla Henderson. "I chose NGU because when I was researching schools, NGU offered programs I was interested in and has values I wholeheartedly agree with," she added.

"I believe we live in a global society offering opportunities for vast amounts of intelligence to be accessed through online learning," said Deborah Batson, NGU information technology instructor. "Online courses make it possible to experience a wider variety of students, offering broader perspectives for discussion and learning. NGU is a great place for students from all backgrounds and needs to begin and complete their search for a university."

Since the ITT Tech students had no option but to leave, North Greenville along with many other schools are lending a hand and helping students earn their degrees.