How to creatively ditch the gym

Gracie Fletcher, Staff Writer 

Image courtesy of Dig Boston

Image courtesy of Dig Boston

The intimidation of the local gym is no short of frightening.  From the perspiration dripping off the beefy, protein eating weight lifters to the awkward Zumba dancers, a membership cancellation seems to be in the near future for those who step through the doors of their workout sanctuary. 

So how can one still get a satisfying workout without enduring the insecurities and intimidations that the gym brings?

1.     Parkour

Originally developed from military course training, this disciplinary exercise contains swinging, jumping, rolling and vaulting within a complex environment.  The whole point is to get from one place (or rock or building) to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible.  Safety isn’t always priority in this activity. What begins with a run and ends with a flip will bring you a workout guaranteed to get your blood pumping and heart racing. 

2.     Larping

Live action role-playing, better known as LARP, is a physical act that portrays roles of certain characters in fictional settings.  Of course, all of this is in the imagination as one interacts with another to achieve a certain set of goals that are set in the specific role-playing that is being depicted.  This includes whacking one another with Styrofoam swords and in dramatic expression.  This form of exercise is often best enjoyable in the public eye, prompting its players to be as artistically demonstrative as possible.

3.     Swing Dancing

Good for the soul and good for the body, swing dancing is guaranteed to get the desired satisfactory of a sweaty workout while adding a little twist to it.  Local swing dancing clubs live everywhere within a city like hidden gems, housing expert level dancers all the way to the absolute amateur.  The goal here is to have fun in your 50’s style dresses and your ballroom shoes while getting a vigorous exercise session in.

4.     Hula Hooping

It is more prestigious then it sounds. Hula hooping has been a cherished pass time activity for generations. The whole concept derives around taking a circular object and putting it into motion around one's hips.  But what about putting it into motion around one’s neck, arms, legs or even head?  Hula hoops can come in all different weights, sizes and styles.  From hoops containing water to hoops flashing LED lights, these in motion toys will give you the ultimate toned body while keeping the spirit of a timeless activity alive.

5.     Roller Skating

It was every 70’s teenager’s favorite pass time – freestyle roller skating.  Rinks still to this day remain a local must have for communities across the United States who want to lace up their skates and dance around the rink in the midst of flashing disco lights.  Whether its racing or leisure, roller skating will provide the ultimate replacement for the dreaded gym leg day by giving one a chance to embrace improvisation dancing on wheels, or at least hold on to the rails and make their way around the rink slowly but surely.